An enchanting 320 sqm house with a bespoke quartzite fireplace in the Moscow suburbs by Ekaterina Yakovenko

Interior designer Ekaterina Yakovenko was approached by a young and ambitious woman leading a dynamic lifestyle. In her free time from her business endeavors, this woman is an avid traveler, attends golf training sessions, and is constantly on the move. Her desire was to live out of town, allowing her to spend more time in nature and pursue her favorite sport close to home.

The initial layout of this three-story, 320-square-meter house was open-ended, providing the opportunity for meticulous planning. The client expressed a strong desire for the entrance to offer a perspective onto a small inner courtyard. To achieve this vision, the designer crafted a dining area right in front of an open terrace and seamlessly integrated the living room with the kitchen.

The private zones on the second and third floors of the house consist of four independent suites, each featuring a bedroom with its own walk-in closet and bathroom. This design choice was driven by the frequent visits of the client's mother, sister, and daughter.

Three main wishes of the client served as the foundation for the design project: the presence of movement in lines, beauty in details, and the play of textures in the reflection of light. As a result, the interior mood completely reflects the client's inner world, her rhythm of life, and her preferences.

The interior mood directly reflects the homeowner's inner world, lifestyle rhythm, and preferences. The palette, for example, includes her favorite shades of blue with turquoise undertones, dark bronze, and unique complex hues. "At our first meeting, we established the main color scheme. We chose a metallic bronze hue for the kitchen and various shades of turquoise and blue for the furniture", explains designer Ekaterina Yakovenko.

In this project, the designer achieved an intriguing play of light in the rooms and on the staircase. When darkness falls and the spotlights are on, the rays are refracted in a particular way, creating the sensation of being in a mysterious backstage area, anticipating the start of a performance.

"The fireplace in the living room became the compositional centerpiece, and for its finish, I used an unusual quartzite instead of the typical marble. Its natural pattern resembles picturesque cloud formations or mountain peaks in monochromatic shades of light gray," emphasizes Ekaterina.

The walls and door panels feature decorative elements in the form of small pearls on filigree patterns and in gypsum composition. The staircase is adorned with wrought-iron railings, and the balusters echo the shape of a wave.

For this project, the designer and the client predominantly selected laconic modern furniture. For example, the kitchen is from Modulnova, the soft furnishings are from B&B Italia, and the dining room features a comfortable table and chairs from Ceppi Style. Bespoke pieces, such as a shelving for books and decor items around the fireplace, portals to the dining room, crystal chandeliers in the living room and kitchen, and the fireplace, were all crafted to the author's design sketches.

The living room is adorned with a designer coffee table by Christopher Guy, adding a personalized touch to the interior. Moreover, Yakovenko found a painting that encapsulates the essence of the space's mood and accentuates its uniqueness.

"For me, every project is a small life lived, filled with the contemplation of beauty. Creating a unique aesthetic is the beauty we ultimately attain. Behind this process lies a great deal of time and effort, and for me, time is a priceless resource worth spending only on true beauty," confesses Ekaterina Yakovenko.